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  1. Disaster! I have yet to complete my collection of your books. Due to my recent move to a new locale and house I’ve put off extra spending. Seems like lulu is a bit extreme. IBM may still own copyright to their information, but most of the others is in the public domain or will soon be if not renewed. Hopefully there is another printer out there, but that is little comfort to all the work you’ve put into this project.

  2. America’s ludicrous copyright laws claim another victim. I hope you can find another outlet.

  3. It is very disappointing to think that IBM might threaten to pursue those of us who champion their old typewriters.
    And so what if we make a few bucks out of it? It’s sure dampened my enthusiasm. :(

  4. I’m glad I snapped up many titles (though not all) as soon as you put them out.

    Once I put something like 3 pages from a book by Marshall McLuhan on my blog, and was soon hit with a cease-and-desist message from his heirs’ lawyers. On the other hand, I know someone who has published nearly 100 volumes by out-of-print, obscure authors without bothering about copyright, and has never had any trouble.

    1. Heh, well I guess that initial “audacious or crazy” question has answers that fall across a range. I have heard whispers of people pondering writing completely new manuals, so we’ll see what happens now that a decent template has been spread around a bit.

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