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  1. Nice work. I read where someone cut disks of rubber to fit the ID of a hollow aluminum rubber covered platen like SCM used. I filled mine with spray foam like used to seal openings where cables are run. Some of the hi-expansion foam used to full hollow spaces in walls is corrosive to some things so I used the more expensive stuff we used in radio stations around the holes in the walls for coax to pass. Adler knobs are left-hand threads too.

  2. Installing felt as a rest cushion in place of the hard rubber will make a big difference to a JP1. Now – how can I stop my Corona Standard from cutting the ribbon and paper to shreds? Even an inner tube didn’t do anything!

    1. JJ Short or Steve Dade, once the DIY methods fail. (:

  3. Cute li’l Spanish Brother.

    I have a vague recollection that some typospherian filled the hollow platen of an SCM with some material—and there was no appreciable difference in the sound.

    1. Spanish keyboards have Umlauts & British Pounds on them? I figured it was more of a generalized European Latin keyboard. Learn something new every day (:

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