Bibles in the Wild

Heh, just realized my folder full of screenshots of happy mechanics using their Typewriter Repair Bibles is getting full again, so here’s the latest shots of people’s worktables:

Are you interested in becoming a front-line mechanic in the Typewriter Revolution? Is there anything even remotely as satisfying as knowing what you’re doing when you’re in the guts of the beast? Well then, get your Bible today! (:

Updated: December 17, 2017 — 9:03 am


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  1. I’m imagining some post-apocalypse story world where Ted Munk’s typewriter repair bibles are carried around in the desert in some kind of chest like the Ark, along with a Hermes and Olympia for good measure.

    Thank you again for doing this.

  2. Those repair bibles are worth their weight in gold.

  3. I want that Royal 10! If I buy the manual will the machine come?

  4. You are one of the Great Benefactors of the Typosphere. No doubt!

  5. Planning to order the SG1 and Lettera 22 manuals, to aid in the care and feeding of those two. Do you have any plans to produce a Lexikon 80 manual? I finally found one in decent shape and want to rehab it, but repair information is rarer than hen’s teeth (like Lexikon 80s in the US).

    1. There’s a fairly poor photocopy of one in the Typewriter Database file area. Are you a Typewriter Hunter? if so, check there. (:

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