Phoenix Type-In for National Typewriter Day, Sunday June 24, 2018 – Even Though NTD is actually on the 23rd

While the Typewriter Day post on The Typosphere blog went neglected after 2014 (but it’s nice to go back and see the videos from 2011), Typewriter Day on June 23rd has still been suitably celebrated across the globe. This year, it appears the Phoenix celebration will happen the day after, on the 24th:

I’m a little confused about whether there’s a Type-In or not. The announcement seems to suggest it’ll be some sort of show or lecture – no mention of them wanting you to bring your own typewriters. I might bring one just in case, or perhaps I should just document. My languishing Youtube channel could use a new episode of TTSSASTT.

Anyhoo, the deets:

Changing Hands First Draft Book Bar
11am to 6pm, Sunday June 24, 2018
300 W. Camelback Rd.
Phoenix, AZ 85013

UPDATE: Yes, it will be a Type-In! the organizer came by and said so – bring your typewriters! :D

Updated: June 4, 2018 — 12:04 am


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  1. Should be fun, whatever it is. There will also be real type-ins on real Typewriter Day, June 23, at Landmark Books in Traverse City, MI and at Mission Pie in SF.

  2. Seems NTD as well as ITAM has been forgotten amongst most of us Typosphereians over the years. I believe this reflects on the silence of the Typosphere-blogosphere. I suppose many are like me and find it much easier to post on new typewriters and typewriter projects than general typecasting. Then I was a late starter and since then typewriters have gotten more popular and extremely expensive in many cases making collecting more difficult.

  3. Yes, as a new guy in the field catching up on the best blogs, I’ve found that the glory days apparently were a few years ago. I’ve often clicked through to find the blogs of an interesting commenter, only to find their blog neglected or abandoned. The lifecycle of most blogs is short, of course, but personal blogging in general seems to be becoming somewhat of an antique practice, and new blogs don’t seem to be appearing much.

    1. Seems like most people are on Facebook these days, and there’s a thriving but fragmented community there. However, I still keep the pillars standing – one has to be mindful of the future and Facebook has way too short a memory to rely on if for anything but promotion. The blog is the permanent-record repository for my transient thoughts, and I rely on it too much as such to abandon it. :D

  4. I’m guilty of not supporting these typewriter awareness days, but perhaps I’ll make a video this year. Not sure about a type-in, but maybe a quick ad hoc get together would be fun.

  5. Hey all, I’m the host for this Type-In/belated Typewriter Day celebration. It will, in fact, be a type-in (The 8th Phoenix Type-In, in fact). We’re still hammering out some details (including a potential screening of California Typewriter), but we are encouraging people to bring their own typewriters. Thanks for the shout out!

    1. There was a Changing Hands/First Draft event conflict for the 23rd, hence why the Type-In was pushed to the 24th.

      1. Excellent! I’ve updated the post to reflect that. (:

  6. I too am guilty of being out of the loop. Live intervenes and makes messes of our best intentions. I’m happy someone else is taking up the type-in mantle; Jeremiah in the East and Daily Platen in the West. There is a deep river of institutional memory here with Ted and myself. If anyone wishes to take a deep drink we’d be happy to fill the cup.

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