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  1. do not go gentle..

  2. I too have stacks of typewritten documents never to be posted to my blog. Those are beside the many pages contained in my daily typewritten journal.

    I’m looking forward to the typewriter go-bag.

  3. I too have stacks never to be posted nor read. Late nights with my machine and a glass (bottle) of good Merlot are a time of the good, the bad, and the ugly. Send Key? relationships and jobs surely lost. Maybe I could call half that stack the posthumous pile, read or published only after death when my remains are beyond desecration.
    And what am I doing tonight? I’m gonna do it again, dammit.

  4. I appreciate your efforts to keep this space light, informative, and fun. For me, the typewriter community is a respite from what seems to be a persistent Mercury in retrograde world. I come for the pretty pictures, the laffs, the rambles, the weird mechanical puzzles. You are sensible, kindly, but firm when that is threatened.

  5. I recently typed a powerful page that I promptly shredded. A very worthwhile activity! Not everything needs to be published. If anything, we need less publishing, more privacing.

  6. I once discussed cathartic journal-writing with a psychologist. Her response was that getting dark thoughts out on paper may be what keeps some of us from climbing a bell tower with a high-power rifle. Even better is to have Lord Posthlewaite mysteriously defenestrated into Lady Pottsford’s prize begonia garden than to vent your spleen at someone in the grocery store line.

    Yesterday was a particularly horrific day, for me. Three pages in my journal later, I’m okay. The little skull and crossbones doodle at the tops of the pages are a reminder that no one else ever needs to read those pages, though.

  7. Perhaps a little confusion re: The Typewriter Database. I just entered a 1934 Underwood Elliott Fisher Noiseless 77. Once the file was created, found that my machine is the only one listed…..appears all other Hunters have entered their Underwood Elliott Fisher Noiseless 77’s under the umbrella of “Underwoods”. Do these two categories need to be merged?
    Hope this is the right forum to post this question as I could not find any direct contact info for the Right Reverend Munk.

    1. Yeah, these need to be filed as Underwood otherwise there’s endless confusion. Same with Reminton-Rand, Underwood-Olivetti and any number of overly complex manufacturer names caused by mergers. We go with the main one so that machines are properly grouped together rather than be overly concerned with what the exact manufacturer name was at the exact time the machine was made. (:

  8. Like your style. Is that Alpha 2015 yet another Nakajima incarnation with non-cartridge wheel?

    1. Indeed it is – and with a Centronics port as well. Once Bill found out I wanted one he just kept telling me to come pick up every one that some retiree would bring into the shop to give him. Apparently these things are free if you’re patient, cuz now I have 2 of these Centronics-equipped Naks. :D

  9. I, too, appreciate the style and tone you’ve established for typewriter enthusiasts and others. That’s why I’m reading through all your posts. Not only are the projects interesting but there’s a lot of creativity and humor, too. I totally agree on the topic of the send button; I could have saved myself much heartache by not hitting that button, even though it all worked out for me okay in the end.

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