We’ve gone full circle: Amazon’s 2019 Christmas Catalog

Heh, remember when you used to get Christmas catalogs in the mail from Sears and JC Penny and Monkey Wards and about a dozen other department stores who wanted you to phone or mail in your orders?

Remember when Amazon started up and slowly those catalogs stopped coming in the mail as those department stores withered and died because their customers switched to ordering stuff on the web? It seemed that Christmas catalogs were a thing of the past..

But then, look what came in today’s mail:

Yep, an actual Christmas catalog printed on paper, from Amazon. Sure, it’s a slim magazine-sized pipsqueak compared to the 300-400 page behemoths from Sears in days of old, and it contains a surprising amount of entries for digital things like Fortnite lootboxes and other in-game type merch that has no physical reality, but there it is. Congrats, Amazon – you’ve gone full circle from killing the box stores to becoming them…

Updated: November 3, 2019 — 3:28 pm


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  1. I doubt anything can beat the old Sears Christmas catalog. Then there was teh Swiss Colony food catalog.
    Herter’s, the ultimate sportsmen’s catalog.

  2. I look forward to bringing my grandchildren to see Santa at the Amazon store next year!

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