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  1. And that is why I never pass on the opportunity to buy an Olympia typewriter in a thrift shop!

    1. I wonder did ITC and its dealer organisation also go on to establish the most competent *electronic* typewriter sales force ;)

  2. Fantastic document! Thanks!

  3. Great information! Thanks for the post.
    I wonder how ITC (business machines)fits in with ITC The English entertainment company that I think included ITV) and there was never to my knowledge a trade mark battle.

  4. I’m pleased to have discovered that the West Street building still stands. A plaque notes that although the building was severely damaged by debris from the World Trade Center towers, it was restored and is now in service as an apartment building. It’s on the National Register of Historic Places.

  5. Really interesting read, thanks Ted!

  6. Excellent read! It’s nice to read where some people once had some integrity in what they manufactured and had cohesiveness and fairness with the people that worked with them. Being a watchmaker for over 50 years, I liked the way they compared their precise mfg. process to the making of watch parts. I have two different Olympia typewriters and feel fortunate to own and appreciate them, realizing that a huge factory with thousands of employees making something of this quality will never exist again in my life time or ever.

  7. An excellent read. It says that there were some Olympia models assembled in Toronto. Do you have any idea which ones and have you ever come across one?

    1. I haven’t personally, no. (:

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