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Weapon of Choice: “Doris Day”, 1966 Olympia SM9 #3098142

Perhaps the last set of Olympia SM-7 feet 3D printed in PLA by Steve Dade (RIP, friend). Raymond’s over in Colorado sent them over so I could replicate them in rubber, because PLA is stiff and not very grippy at all.

First step: make a box and clay bed (use sulfur-free clay, or bad stuff happens), and embed the objects you wish to mold firmly in the clay, using sticks or other objects to go through holes that you need to preserve in the final product. Then tape up the box so it’ll hold the liquid silicone.

Once the “bottom” of the poured mold cures overnight, open the box, flip the mold over, pull off the clay layer & re-tape up the box to pour the “lid” of the mold. Be sure to use something like a thin layer of vaseline on the face of your mold before pouring the lid, or the new silicone lid will adhere to the silicone bottom, and you’ll have to cut the mold open (ruining it) just to get your original feet back out..

The completed silicone mold.

And, boy howdy did they need replacing!

Take the shell off the SM-9 (or SM-7 or 8) and use a screwdriver to bend open the “staple” that holds each foot on. Typewriter Club LIVE 2021-02-28:

10 Years of ozTypewriter

On the “Death” of the Typosphere, a Few Thoughts and Ideas

Austin Typewriter, Ink. – Podcast
Episode 33 – Rev. Ted Munk
Join Everitto and Gimme It as they chat it up with the Rev. Ted Munk about the Typewriter Database, Sunday Typewriter Club, Virtual Herman’s and so much more. So much fun!

Of course, I also made a brace of feet for Olympia SM3/4(5?) and Hermes 3000 (roundtop) HP2-58’s when I made the Olympia SM7/8/9 feet. Trade goods? I need 4 sets of feet for 1940’s Royal Portables!

Weapon of Choice: “Thunderbird 4”, 1968 Montgomery Ward Signature 440T #C8899610

“Dropthrough” feet for plastic-shelled Brother JP-1s, SCM Corsairs and Cougars.

Weapon of Choice: 1925 Underwood Portable 3 Bank #147487

Hell is made of Underwood feet-attaching double-shouldered screws, especially the ones with vestigal holding shoulders.

Luckily, the biggest feet in this giant bag of furniture feet have the exact right-sized hole and an integral metal washer that stops on that vestigal shoulder, leaving exactly enough thread to attach the foot to the mounting hole firmly.

More TRB Luv! Also, I have never seen a factory-black Skyriter. Color me very curious! :D

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  1. Nice work on the feet. I need to set aside some time to watch all the videos.
    Are you really using a real film camera or video tape recorder to shoot your videos and then digitizing them?

    1. oh, Lordy no – I’m way too lazy for that. I shoot the craft table videos using a cheap GoPro camera. Some of my other videos are digitized VHS, though.

      Oh, hey, I had to use that sweet spring hook yesterday, though – a spring fell out of that SM-9 when I pulled it out of the shell to replace the feet. Very Handy, thanks again! (:

      1. I’m glad the spring hook works for you. I first used a captive spring hook way back in my tape deck and cart machine repair days at the radio station.

  2. Got the feet’s shipment in the mail, thank you Ted. I’ll get busy on a review next week.

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