Thank you, most sincerely…

Weapon of Choice: “Thunderbird 3” 1966 Montgomery Ward Signature 440T #D6216161

Background Typer (with newly started letter in it): “Thunderbird 4” 1968 Montgomery Ward Signature 440T #C8899610

Yes, I’m still in love with my 440Ts :D

New feet for Hermes HP2-58 and HP2-66, part of an order destined for a typewriter shop in Colorado. Doin’ my part to help make other people’s machines as nice as mine. (:

Updated: October 12, 2021 — 1:06 am


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  1. Good stuff Ted. Again, don’t forget to thank yourself as you continue to educate and inspire so many of us who were later to the game than yourself.

    Man, I always like seeing your 440T. Though I’m super happy with the group of typewriters that I’ve managed to assemble thus far, the early version of the 440T (such as your 1966 model pictured above) remains one of the few machines that I’d still like to add to the bunch.

    1. It would be an excellent addition (:

  2. There’s a lot of pleasure in pampering and perfecting the typewriters we already love and use.

  3. Good to see the additional activity. Thanks for all your work Ted.

  4. And thank you to you! The inspiration and information you create and stimulate contributes a lot to wanting and daring to maintain and improve those writing machines. (Are those pleonasms in there?)
    Anyways – also you are very right on new rubber-platens!

    1. Heh, you have taught me a new word! :D

  5. Thanks you Ted for this community that you have created!. I know that is not the theme of the post (I don’t want be annoying) but is there a way to change my name in TWDB? (I made a typo in my last name) Best regards, Cordially, Yours respectfully. Natalio65.

    1. I’ve changed it for you. (:

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