UJTU: Postcards and bustin’ out the timelapse setup

Weapon of Choice: “Joanie”: 1964 Hermes 3000 #3246554.

Currently working on postcards I already owe peeps….

Finally sourced a gallon of Econ 80, so time to make more typewriter feet! This stuff has been tough to get ahold of lately thanks to supply chain issues.

Typin’ up my TRS-80 T-200 Timelapse program by hand again, since I dumbly copied the empty RAM bank over the backup of my Timelapse program image bank on the REX.

10 CLS:PRINT”Canon PS600 Timelapse”
20 PRINT”2014 – T. Munk – munk.org”
30 PRINT:INPUT”Seconds Between Shots”;D
50 I1=30
110 B=INT(I1*D)
200 INPUT “#Exposures to Shoot”;A:O=A
300 CLS:PRINT”Timelapse Program:”
305 PRINT”Shoot”;A;”Exposures”
310 PRINT”At”;D;”Second Intervals.”
350 PRINT:INPUT”Press [ENTER] To Begin”;G$
390 IF G$ = “” THEN 400 ELSE 10
411 S2=INT(D*A)
413 PRINT”*** TRS-80 Timelapse ***”
414 PRINT ”[CTRL][BREAK] To Quit.”
420 FOR X=1 TO A STEP 1
425 PRINT@122,”Exposure”;X;”of”;O
430 FOR E=1 TO B STEP 1
433 R=ABS((E/I1)-D):R2=INT(R)
435 PRINT@162,”Countdown:”;R2
440 NEXT E
490 NEXT X
495 PRINT@122,”Exposed”;X;”of”;O
500 A=O
1000 PRINT@162,”Ended Shoot.

I needed to bust out the timelapse gear in order to shoot a series of the brand new water heater I had to get installed a couple days ago. It’s leaking about an ounce of water through the overpressure valve at random intervals, a few times a day. I need to see exactly where it’s coming from and figure out the occurance intervals, plus get video evidence to show the installer so I can get them to fix it. *sigh*, things continue to be weird, but we’re getting through it. It’s gonna be a lean Christmas this year fo sho.

Updated: December 2, 2021 — 8:34 am


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  1. Superlatives such as “a real work of art” and “truly one of a kind” are tossed around often. So often that I’m not even sure how to respond when I see an example of something where these things truly apply. Beautiful work by Tori, no doubt the eventual recipient will be thrilled with it.

    It’s a bummer to learn of the water heater issues. When something that is intended to relieve us of a problem ends up causing even more problems, the compounded frustration can be very hard to deal with. I’m embarrassed to say that I don’t deal with such things very well at all (visions of the father dealing with the furnace in A Christmas Story comes to mind).

  2. Love the card. It reminds me that I need to force myself to get involved.

  3. Ooh, very nice DIY original artwork postcards! Now that’s what I call a big handsome fancy typewriter! Is that the IBM Composer?

    1. Yep, that’s Mothra (:

  4. I participated in the August exchange, but haven’t received any notice of subsequent exchanges. When I log into my TCL account and click the most recent postcard exchange (November), it says registration is closed.

    1. You should jit up Gregory about that, however, I don’t get notices either – I just watch the events page or I find out from being in the TCL meetups.

    2. Hi, John! I will try to be better about sending out reminder emails. I try very hard not to be spammy, but I’m finally realizing that people don’t consider emails from Type Pals to be spam. The next Postcard Exchange is Monday, December 20, 2021, making the deadline December 19. I will be adding this to the events page soon.

  5. I, too, am delighted by Tori’s art!

  6. Tori’s canyon and stars art takes me to the desert southwest at night. Just beautiful.

    1. Thank you! She’s just completed another that is currently being Mod Podge’d (for durability during mailing), the series continues (:

  7. Oh, that’s a frame-worthy postcard! The recipient will be lucky, indeed.

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