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  1. You’re exactly right. It’s fatiguing to look at a full-margin typewritten page, especially on a little phone screen, and you’ve gotta wonder how many people are going to bother. You have consistently posted the most readable typecasts around.

  2. Nice! Maybe I’ll go for one word column widths, giant-sized letters!

  3. I agree Ted. I generally use a full page on my blog when I’m lazy. 1/2 page width is generally best as I get margins and a nice display on a blog. Also one page is quite a lot to read. I find it easier to read a long column rather than a page width. There is a reason Newspapers used a narrow side ruled column

  4. Cadwallader ? Not Otis Cadwallader, is it? (:

    1. William Cadwalader from “Man’s Favorite Sport” 1964

      1. Aah – made me remember actually watching that on daytime-TV, ages ago :-)

  5. Great advice as always! My 6-cpi typewriters are probably ok for full-page blogging, with about 40 characters per line.

  6. So true!

    I once or twice typed a letter-size page for OTP in two columns. It was easier to read but still required some zooming and moving about on the page to go from one column to the next.

    I find that more space between lines is better for readability, at the cost of fitting less text on the same page.

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