Adjusting Ring & Cylinder on a Brother JP-1

Weapon of Choice: 1978 Brother Charger 11 #K83712885
Typewriter Club LIVE: 2022-01-23

Time to make some notes in your JP-1 Repair Bible. You make notes in your Bible, right?

The following pages are from the Silver-Seiko 700 Series Repair Bible, and they have a clearer explanation of the process of Ring & Cylinder/Platen Parallel and On-Feet & Motion adjustments. Note that the SS700 has a different adjustment from the JP-1 for R&C, but the adjustment process is the same, except for the part at the end about adjusting the linespacing detent. You won’t need to do that on a JP-1 because the R&C adjustment moves the whole carriage, not the cylinder assembly itself.

If you have a Silver-Seiko 700 (Royal Mercury/Mustang/Sprite/Swinger, etc and a couple dozen other badgings) then I really recommend getting a copy of its Repair Bible, just to read through for the very clear explanations of the various adjustments. You’ll learn a great deal about basic typewriter mechanisms and adjustments from it. (:

Updated: January 23, 2022 — 4:48 pm


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  1. Oh! Thank you for this, Ted. Carlos will be delighted. I will message him the link on Type Pals. The adjustment seems much easier on this typer with the sliding adjustment. On the Royal FPE wide carriage I had, it basically sounded like a nightmare.

  2. Yay, I knew you’d know! I believe you talked about this on another TCL meeting. Thanks for posting the supplemental adjusting instructions. I’m going to print it and add it to the JP-1 bible. P.S. That Charger 11 sure does make a nice looking print! I like mine too.

    1. Now I have to get another Brother Charger 11! I gifted mine to my niece.

  3. Very useful! Thank you.

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