Planes, Trains & Automobiles – to the Sept 11 2022 ABQwerty Typewriter Society Type-In!

Weapon of Choice: “Roosevelt” 1960 Aztec (Erika) 700 #1930178

The Back Alley Man and the Keeper of the Lost Bible
A musical excursion into Flagstaff street life, making friends with dogs and the drunken keeper of a lost Bible. Unfortunately, I seem to have hit the record button too late to catch that whole conversation. I’m still learning my way around with the Zoom. I’ve got 96 hours or record time on this thing and plenty of spare batteries – I probably should have just kept it on the whole time.

AAGH! This intimidating fellow greeted us on the way to the Amtrak station.

Hangin’ with the Poor Typist (Streamed live on Sep 11, 2022)

Early Typewriter Collectors’ Association ETCetera No. 137 – Summer 2022 “Typing on the rails”

A conversation on The Southwest Chief
Overheard on the Dining Car, a conversation on Original Language and the word “F*ck”, the Mother of All Tribes, GMO Conspiracies, Dog Soldiers and More!
We don’t need no stinking badges, but we got one anyway (: ABQwerty Typewriter Society Type-In
The H1n recording of the Type-In, in STEREO! Robert Altman would be proud of this sound mixing, indeed.

34:00 Kevin Kittle’s Introductions Of The Typewriters begins – ends 60:00

You’ll note during this recording that I make several promises to others to do certain things. Here’s where I’m at on those promises:

1) Promised Bill Tefft to make replacement feet for his Folding Multigraph. The example foot is squished, though, so I think I’ll mic out the dimentions of what it *should* be and see if I can find some ready made Chinese replacement at $6/dozen that could be used instead. Pending resolution, unless anyone has found such a replacement already? (comment below, please) (: 2) Promised Joe Van Cleave to scan his TypeStar 220 manual. About halfway done with that.

3) Promised William Dudley I’d see if I have replacement feet for his Kolibri. Here’s what I’ve got, Please disassemble your four old feet and confirm which type you need. I’m thinking it’s the small, flat ones, but make sure you don’t have some previously unknown foot type that’s taller than the small ones.
Stewardess joke broadcast over the com 5 minutes before all the excitement started:

If you think the landing is a little rough, don’t blame the pilots – it’s not their fault,
don’t blame the cabin crew – it’s not *our* fault,
blame the runway, it’s asphalt!

Limited Edition of Two: MicroWord MC-30 microcassette “2022-09-11 @The Hotel Monte Vista”  – T. Munk and Brian Goode on Arrival at the Hotel, to be sent to my duo of Correspondents with Microcassette affections.

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  1. Written in a true reporter style, with the feelings and the impressions included. Marvelous. What an adventure! But, oh, boy bad luck choosing that hotel!

  2. Nice life capture! Packing what seems like a week’s worth of activity into fewer than two days’ time certainly makes for an adventure well worth writing about.

  3. You guys had the almost-literal “whirlwind tour!” Thank you for visiting, it was great fun!

  4. Just plain WOW!! What fun!! Thank you for sharing and for the plug for “Typing on the Rails.”


  5. I can’t wait to fully dig into the audio from the type-in. I sampled it here at work–in the nice headphones I use for editing the library podcast–and there was a wonderful 3D audio effect going on, hearing Joe speak as he walks by you. And as you type, it sounds like I am INSIDE the typewriter. Those Zoom recorders are pretty amazing devices. I need to use mine more. What a thrilling post! It was everything I hoped it would be… and more!

  6. Thanks for the shout out, Ted!

  7. We really enjoyed meeting you and Brian at the type in. It was great fun!

  8. Yes, the Monte Vista Hotel IS haunted, or at least cursed. It’s well known guests will face a horrowing return home sometime (could be years) in the future, particularly if they spend the night in the dreaded ‘Spencer Tracy’ room. Live and learn! BTW, it was great typing at you at the typiesta.

    1. Arrgh! I mis-spelled your name *everywhere*! O:

  9. What fun and as a airport person from Ontario Canada I’m impressed by the aircraft ident reference!

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