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  1. Great work Ted!

  2. Thanks to your EDCN frenzy, I’m now dabbling with a notebook-adjacent idea to be soon shared on video! Also, I ordered a box of Acco binders via Amazon. Interestingly, they also sell only the top half of the binder, instead of the full top and bottom, something to watch out for. As for 2-hole punches, I’ve elected for now just to hand punch the paper, because various 2-hole punches on Amazon don’t seem to have a consistent hole spacing, as if they lack an industry standard!

    1. It’s only fair, since it’s your Sketchbook video that set me hard on this frenzy :D Looking forward to your new video!

  3. It’s funny how creativity feeds creativity. Seeing someone create something–particularly something that interests us–gets our own wheels spinning on how we might do something similar, different, better. I love that this is, in effect, an “open source” project, complete with plans. I’m getting a sudden urge to fiddle with bits of paper. Paper cuts? Bring on the lemon juice!

  4. More great ideas, Ted! I’ve used the same Prismacolor fine line markers for over 10 years now, only occasionally though, yet they still haven’t dried up yet.

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