More Books, an 1888 Hammond 1 and a nifty Corona 3 Case

Yay! We found the AMES General Catalog No. 7, 1949! We can now add this to 1940 No.5, 1946 No.100, 1955 No.9, 1960 No.10 and 1965 No.11 – 386 pages of typewriter parts, tools and products for the nation’s typewriter dealers added to the timeline. (: Whoops, make that serial #9016, not 9015. The left side spool on the Hammond is a wooden “Underwood’s” ribbon from before the time that Underwood made typewriters. The wear on the keytops would indicate the machine had a lot of use when new – enough to have gotten lazy about respooling ribbon onto the original spools, but then suddenly no use at all, and the condition suggests cool, dry protected storage away from dust for probably a century or more. That’s my impression anyway. Looks really good. This was stuck between the pages of the 1949 Ames Catalog, and probably represents a note to order some feet for Underwood Portables, 2 ribbon caps for a 1933 Corona 4 (black, by serial number) and some other things. I was amused by the fact that the paper was exactly EDCN size. :D Bill also found this interesting Corona 3 carrying case made for Corona by “Likly” in Rochester, N.Y. – it has a little drawer for paper!

Updated: February 6, 2023 — 7:30 pm


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  1. I almost burnt my porridge on the stove as I read this and zoomed on the photos of the Hammond…

    A French diacritics keyboard!!!!! In Arizona??? I don’t know this model enough to tell if the shuttle is in the machine or not.

      1. Thanks. Given the presence of £ and a $ signs, I am tempted to hypothesize this machine was originally sold to a French Canadian client.

        That would make it the earliest typewriter with a French Canadian keyboard to my knowledge.

  2. Wonderful Hammond!

  3. I’m not that kind of collector either, even if I could afford it. Nice looking Hammond though!

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