Mail Call! Three Letters Today! :D

Typewriter Club Live: 2023-02-05
Here’s an interesting binder that holds the pages of the 1950 Olympia SM2 Parts Manual I just scanned… How does the Correspondence System work when I get THREE letters in a single night, and my desk is covered in pages of a 1949 AMES Catalog I’m scanning? Well, for tonight I check my files on these three Correspondents and mark down what Episode they’re on next plus the typewriter I plan to use to reply, one that I haven’t yet used for that Correspondent. Ready for replies when the desk is clear of scanning!

Updated: February 7, 2023 — 6:54 pm


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  1. I think the lost letter needs to be a new Jimmy Buffet song.

  2. I’ve been going a bit crazy coming up with AI art using DALL-E, and I’m tempted to try to replicate that sticker. The result was a little more photo-realistic. Let me try adding “pen and ink drawing” to the request. Oh, they’re black and white, but very interesting! It seems DALL-E has a preference for boxy, 70’s-looking typers. Ha!

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