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  1. Epoca looks like it went amongst the missing.

    I wonder if it was discontinued with the H3K.

    1. I’ve got it on a ’64. *shrug* I wouldn’t necessarily assume that it was discontinued, as you could order anything you wanted – this is just what was “standard” offerings common to the Western US market.

  2. Wait — what’s this “notebook shelf” the type samples refer to?

    1. On Hermes Standards, the front face of the machine is scalloped to hold a notebook, like a stand.

  3. I have Hermes 3000, 1963 model(curvy) that has 13 pitch or 13 cpi. My mother actually used this for my father’s business.

  4. Bloody hell. All pitches were expressed in cpi in that document.

    That’s as close to heresy as can be to Hermes given their machines’s type pitch were metric. Ten cpi is close to 2.6 mm but is really not the same mechanically.

    1. By 1967 Hermes imported machines were no longer metric. (:

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