Mail Call & ArtCipher 5

See, the thing is this; I type as the SPIRIT wills, speaking in tounges that even I don’t understand afterwards. Ask me what it’s about and I’ll shrug, a vessel wrung out through the fingers onto the 13″ platen 1973 IBM Selectric II holding the tiny 3 1/2″ wide newsprint canvas. The SPIRIT done rode me hard and put me away wet & I couldn’t tell ya what day Wednesday was. So here it is: ArtCipher 5, and I hope it baffles you as much as it does me. :D

Updated: February 11, 2023 — 9:27 pm

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  1. Whew! Even though not in chronological order, glad that first one finally made! And in case you were wondering, the distance from my mailbox toy yours is 2,516 miles, so that means the letter traveled 10,064 miles before you ever got to read it!

    On to the next one!


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