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  1. Glad you put the Kyougi wood paper to good use. It dies indeed take ink beautifully. Looks fantastic!

  2. Those Canadian lumberjacks really know their wood! 😉

    Love our Canadian type pals!

  3. I once received a postcard made of wood via Postcrossing. It’s incredible that it doesn’t crumble into a pile of splinters! I think in your scan I can just make out the impression from the characters on the type slugs, almost like an etched or engraved effect. If you have another piece, I’d be curious to see what it looks like on the stencil setting; could you still read it?

    1. I have *two* more sheets! :D

    2. Gregory,

      I missed your comment but I’ll send you some sheets :)

  4. In my experience, Daniel has all sorts of wonderfully interesting ideas. You too will no doubt enjoy corresponding with him as I have. In the meantime, I continue to pester Daniel to start a typecast blog of his own (even though I do realize the commitment required of us to follow through with such things).

    1. Ooh, yes – I should pester him too! Surely he is versatile enough to be a Typospherian blogger :D

  5. I remember when Daniel showed us that wood paper on TCL. Neato!

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