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  1. For some reason, my stamp kit is coming from the UK, so it could be a while. It’ll be worth the wait.

    1. maybe they’re running low in US inventories because of a big run on them :D

  2. I’ll be easier to stay on the lookout for the albino than to type seven more letters. (The sacrifices we must make for humanity seems never ending). It’s been probably thirty years since I saw the albino I used to see around here. I don’t know his name but wouldn’t be surprised if he’s in jail which now makes me wonder if I’ll see him and hopefully on the outside vs me being inside. Now I’m wondering how a six piece set of stainless steel bolts with a hexagonal hole and snap ring groove fit into all of this. I’m assuming it’s a Japanese part or company with Chinese as well as English markings. This gives me much to think about which is good. Saving the earth is exactly what the doctor ordered and right up my alley. I’ve been working towards this goal for as long as I can remember. What were we talking about again? Oh yes, me and Julio down by the school yard. I’ll definitly keep looking. Thank you for the warning Ted. My Techno typeface thanks you too!

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