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  1. That wallet keeps me from having to carry a purse!

  2. My wallet is made out of leaves. Literally. Teak leaves. The brand, of course, is Leafii. True story.

  3. Where do I/may I send typed correspondence? I have poured over the site(s) and spent hours listening to music and also discovering the age of my latest machine acquisition (a Royal Skylark 1965). I would love to send a letter if there an address or PO Box I might put onto an envelope!

    1. There is a quest involved to become a Correspondent – you must appear and participate in an episode of Typewriter Club Live (via Zoom) one Sunday where I am also participating (I’m usually on) and private message me in the Zoom chat for the address:
      Your bravery and persistence in completing this task will surely convince me that you are worthy to take on the arduous path of Correspondence. You might also consider the theme of a mixtape or CD you might craft. I’ll undoubtedly demand one at some point in the series. (:

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