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  1. I used to send blank tapes to a guy that would record live Phish shows that he’d recorded and then he’d send them back to me. It was awesome. I wonder where those tapes went? I bet starting a “Random mixed tapes” group online would work!
    Yeah that was a fun TCL.

    1. Hi Brendan,

      Do you still have a working deck to play cassette tapes these days?

  2. It was a new tape from Radio Shack. Maxell I think. I needed to get that out to you before the universe exploded but I need to write a song to send you. I put some of my songs on YouTube, and you definitely inspire another song. Didn’t I do the Munkees already?

  3. That TCM-200DV is an interesting little rig.

  4. Ah, The fun of audio cassettes. I remember the days when one brand worked great over and over while another brand would not work, even in studio decks.

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