Mail Call: Well, I guess I’m making DVD Episodes now :D

Thanks Gregory! I was actually compiling timelapses today when this showed up. (: I had dug up the original source images for timelapses done between 1999 and 2009 and recompiled them into fresh videos. There’s one that spans a solid month – 48,259 frames rendered at 30 frames per second compressed down to almost 27 minutes. That one will probably just squeak onto a Mini-DVD on its own. Most of the rest cover a day or a few days to a week for their subjects. I’ve installed CHDK on one of my Canon PowerShot A-Series in order to do some new programmed timelapses. I’ve got three of these little CHDK-compatible PowerShots, so I have some options to play around with. Currently in the earholes:

Updated: June 6, 2023 — 11:39 pm


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  1. Now you have me deeply interested in making videos, so I decided to keep mine and send you a fresh batch. Teehee!

    1. Ooh, excellent! Inspiration leads to inspiration :D

  2. Does Panasonic cameras have something like CHDK for them? Or is Canon the only manufacturer with some apps that can be loades into the firmware?

    1. CHDK stands for Canon Hack Development Kit, so it’s only for certain Canon A & S series cameras. The 410 is about the oldest camera that it works on (it uses the Digic II or better processor), but there are at least a hundred models that have CHDK capability. All the ones I have were found at thrifts for between $3 – $5 a pop.

      I don’t know of any similar project for Panasonic ones.

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