Final Proof for Corona 4-Zephyr Bible, Mothra Back in Rotation, Sequential Letter #4 and 9th Phoenix Type-In News!

Weapon of Choice: “Richard The Deep Breather”, 1925 Corona 4 #H506286 Weapon of Choice: “Mothra” 1972 IBM Selectric Composer #5016537 Type Pals Sequential Letter #4 in progress. Phoenix Typewriter Round-Up and Type-In, Tentatively scheduled for Sept 23rd @ First Draft Book Bar.Currently in the earholes:

Updated: July 2, 2023 — 8:14 pm


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  1. Good to see Mothra back on deck. It’s a fascinating machine. I vaguely recall a story about a young couple who drove their Composer to ProfessorC for a repair, but I can’t seem to find it again.

  2. You could totally typeset a zine on Mothra. It has a unique look to it. But with the Bible-proofing, correspondence, blogging, and everything else, it sounds like you don’t need another project.

    As of now, I am scheduled to work on the 23rd, but there’s loads of time to request it off. And with any luck, I’ll have made the switch from public library to academic library by then, so it might not even be an issue.

  3. Looking forward to purchasing both the Corona 4 and Underwood Bibles.

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