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  1. One plus of typecasting is that even if the blog is annihilated, you have (or should have) the typewritten posts on paper to help document your memories. Not all my posts are typecasts, but I have enough typecasts from the past 13 years to fill quite a few little albums.

    1. Yeah, but lordy that would be a bummer 😭

  2. I read Mike’s post also. I never really posted daily typings to my blog although I type 15 to 30 minutes daily before bed. It’s a round up of the day and random thoughts that did not get logged in my written journal.

    I’m still leaving Blogger, but to where I know not.

  3. Enjoying this now that I have found it just this year.

  4. I <3 your blog, your creativity, and that big awesome brain of yours. Thank you for sharing!

  5. I admire your drive and your openness to sharing what you are doing.

    You raised many excellent ideas in your blogging and this one triggered many good ideas for me.

    Thank you and, a couple mailings are heading your way.

    1. a *couple* of mailings? Can’t wait! :D

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