Sunday Morning TCL IS BACK! :D Also, I built a 1998 Computer.

Weapon of Choice: “Indy” 1959 Tower Chieftain III Typewriter Club LIVE – 2023-09-03
I went through half a dozen of my old IDE hard disks before I found one that would work. Most of them couldn’t even be detected by the BIOS. My supply of these is dwindling fast.. This old aluminum tower case has hosted dozens of motherboards over the years from Pentium II’s to Quad-core Xenons. Roomy, durable and loads of simple mount points for drives and accessories. If I’m feeling the need to build a useless computer, it’ll often go into this case. The specs! 1gb RAM is super-overkill for Windows 98, but I happen to have a box full of this type of RAM, and this is the the only board I have that takes it, so why not use the biggest & fastest sticks I have? Luckily it’ll downclock to PC100 from PC133 – I do have PC100 sticks, but they are just 128mb each, and I like the 25-second RAM testing countdown every boot.. :D Currently in the earholes:

Updated: September 3, 2023 — 5:11 pm

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  1. Now I know who to send old computer parts to lol. It’s good to be with Type Pals again! Now I need to get busy again on my blog…

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