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  1. Yay, looking forward to Episode IX:The Rise Of Correspondence!!!

    In my earholes right now: Nouvelle Vague’s “3”.

    1. Oh hey, I have their first album – I think I’ll stick that in my earholes now! :D

  2. I have a Nouvelle Vague t-shirt in a box somewhere…

  3. Ha ha ha! As always we are twinning! I am expecting delivery of my Vogue type element on Monday! You had to know I couldn’t resist!

    1. Hey, you weren’t supposed to read that! :D

  4. I ordered a Vogue element too. So cool!

    1. Heh, if I recall, you did a blog about the Blick 3D printed elements in January, and I commented there that I couldn’t wait for the 88-Character Selectric version. I guess I could wait about 9 months, anyway. :D

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