Mail Call With Musica & Updates on the Custom 3D Printed Selectric Elements

On the elements that Dave sent out this past weekend, the inner dimensions of the ball are just tight enough to cause the rocker to scrape the inner wall of the element, causing this scrape ring and potentially locking up the rotate and causing the tape to slip off or break. I’ll need to sand a bit out of the inside later, but for now, I just added a light lubrication ring to ensure smooth operation. Dave also offered replacement or refund, but I expected to do some hand-finishing anyway, and I can just do a little more for the ensurance of reliability.
Currently in the earholes:

Updated: September 13, 2023 — 1:08 pm


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  1. I am glad the CD got to you undamaged. The print of that type ball is really good and is quite readable in 10 pitch.

    1. soo… what’s “Fletcher Plants”? :D

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