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  1. Well that’s a bit of a bummer. At least they owned up to it and sent what was left of my letter. :-) And hey, I can always send another — you know, any excuse to make good use of my typewriters and all that bebop.

  2. It looks like the address was ripped off the envelope. How did USPS know where to deliver to?

    I thought the green zombie was kinda cute — to whatever extent zombies can be considered cute. How do you like the pumpkin flavor?

    1. Fortunately both addresses were intact (barely). The rip went from about halfway under the stamp to 3/4 the way along the bottom.

      Green zombie was cute, and fit the theme of “Tricks & Treats” nicely for the post (:
      Unfortunately hard candy’s a bit much for my teeth, so Tori got all the candy :D

      1. Oops. I will keep in mind ‘no hard candies’ for next time.

  3. Hey Ted, I can only assume you have not received the cd I sent you? I was trying to be clever, and I attempted to reuse/recycle the black custom made envelope you sent to me! I carefully peeled off and switched the location of both addresses, glued them in place, tossed in a letter and a cd, then carefully glued the envelope back together and sent it back to you. Your wax seal was still attached, when I popped it in the mail. It’s not been returned to me, so its location or even its existence, is a planetary mystery. 🤔

    So, I guess receiving a badly torn letter (especially one from Bill G!) is wonderful… in comparison!


  4. Just went back and looked at your previous post. I guess I better pay better attention! Glad you received it! Would you remind me how much postage I put on it? I took it inside to have them weigh it and made the mistake of answering honestly when the clerk asked me if there was a cd enclosed. They wanted to charge me $5.?? because they consider it “media mail”. I told them (politely) to forget it. I have just purchased some stamps, so on my way out I slapped some on it and tossed it in the mail slot. 🤣

    1. Three “Forevers”. I cut them out and pasted them on the report :D

      The “Seven Left Hands of God” format was designed to exacting standards to fit into a specific niche in 1st-class service; it’s just outside the size/weight range for a regular letter, but still doesn’t require package rates because it’s flat. It’s a bit over 1oz and is non-machineable (requires hand-cancelling). So, you need a “non-machineable forever” stamp, and an “extra ounce” stamp. Together, they come to $1.30 – thus 3 “Forevers” would be 66 cents X 3 = $1.98, so you overspent by 68 cents. You coulda got away with just 2 “Forever” regular stamps.

  5. I’m having a visual of the brutes that must be working in the post office. I remember that my letter was also ripped open and swizzle sticks were lost in that horrific event.

    1. Robots or Zombies seem the likeliest culprits :P

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