Thermal Typewriting on Thermally Printed Photos!

Weapon of Choice: 1986 Canon Typestar 4 #Q12013213 I noted that at least 2 of my stamp pad inkers use an ink that when stamped on a thermal sheet, eventually soaks in over a couple of hours and bleached the black out of the image where the ink sinks in, leaving that stamp on white paper with a sort of halo effect around it. If I can find a clear or white ink that does this, I have further ideas… (: Currently in the earholes:
Addendum: Well, I figured out the ingredient in that special stamp pad ink that bleaches thermal print: alcohol. 91% and/or an alcohol-base highlighter marker. Once the treatment dries (give it an hour or so), the thermal properties of the paper are restored and you can type thermally on the part you bleached out. Bonus: sweet background color and a dreamy transparency effect.

Updated: October 16, 2023 — 1:12 pm


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  1. Lots of creative possibilities! I didn’t even know about these cameras.

  2. Guess who also just got one of these cameras in the mail! I’m assuming from Gregory Short. More fun to follow!

    1. Yeah, baby, Yeah! :D
      also, 4 of these photos will paste up perfectly on an A5 FC Classic/Day-Timer 7-hole sheet for storage in Handi-Desk and A5 archive binders. The synergies are poppin’!

  3. Oh, this was so fun to see! My payoff was huge for a small investment. And I got you to dust off your thermal typer! Mwahahaha…

  4. Whoa. Wait. So are you telling me alcohol can be used like Wite-Out on thermal paper? Whoa.

    1. sorta. More like an eraser that doesn’t completely erase, but greatly lightens. It’s vital you let it dry a few hours before trying to type on it, though. any alcohol still in the paper will make your type splotchy.

  5. So cool! You guys are great at making me want things I didn’t know existed. :-D

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