Mail Call: Broken Typeballs? More 3D Thermalvision!

Well, the fun ideas keep bouncing around the Typosphere! Joe is now mixing the idea of Stereograms with the thermal printing cameras to make 3D Thermal Stereograms, which I of course had to see if I could get working with my viewer, because my brain doesn’t do the crosseyed 3D thing, magic eye stereograms don’t work on me either.. So yeah, a report of the Austin Selectric Rescue 3D printed Selectric element breaking in use. Probably too early to have a diagnosed cause and fix yet, but you can be sure that Dave’s 1-year warranty covers any issues like that and he’ll ship you out a replacement in a rare case like this. Mine? They’re all still working fine – no breakages or chips on the type! (: As it turns out, Joe’s stereograms are much too widely spaced to work with a normal 3D viewer – I suppose it *has* to be spaced at eye’s distance apart to work with a precision instrument like that $1 viewer :D

Updated: October 21, 2023 — 12:38 pm

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  1. Perhaps vertical prints can be put close enough together?

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