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  1. What a good stamp, that of Thelma Chalifoux! Sometimes, the one stamp is very worthy :)

    1. Maybe, but still insufficient CHOP for my liking Need CHOP for the blog post! :D

  2. Looking for an email address for the right honorable reverend Munk so as to send a PayPal donation for the typewriter database. Didn’t want to use the Patreon monthly method because too many small fees on my credit card that the wife would have to sort out should I step in front of a truck tomorrow. Certainly not right posting location here but . . . . signed: tappymike

    1. well if you put all these bits together, you’ll have it: *******

      Thanks! (:

  3. What’s the first one typed on?

    You’re the main reason I upped my stationery game. :-D

    1. Dr. Lizardo, the Selectric II, Comic Sans 10 typeball from Austin Selectric Rescue.

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