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  1. I miss those early PC CD drives with the CD player functions. Many a times I put them into service as standalone CD players for various purposes. Coolest I ever had was a SCSI CD changer that was still half height, but held something like 7 (if memory serves) disks at once. Being an early adopter of MP3 back when PCs only had enough horsepower to decode 128-160K and little else, filled with MP3 CDs it was my own jukebox for quite awhile. I agree with you on the repairability too, the older drives are always easier to put back to working order usually when a problem arises. -Mitchell F.

    1. Oh and as they say, don’t look into laser with remaining eye. :)

    2. Oh, was that the Teac CD-C68E 6-cd one? I think I saw that on Cathode Ray Dude… oh wait, I just looked it up and his was the Nakamichi MJ-5.16 5-CD one.

      Heh, I still need to dig up an internal 50-pin SCSI cable at some point. My Zip drive is SCSI and I can’t put that in without one. (:

  2. Love me some Hainbach! Also, replacing belts in consumer products brings back lotsa memories of when I was a TV repairman, back in the ‘80s!

    1. Heh, still waiting for you to do a video on fixing up an old VCR! :D

  3. That Hainbach setup makes me all giddy. Having recently acquired some new gear for sound-making, I’ve had thoughts of doing some top-down videos of knob-tweaking. Nothing fancy like LIGHT sensors, as in the video you shared, but with my mostly low-budget gear, I’ve been coming up with some interesting sounds. I’m sure I’ll be sharing something soon.

    1. Can’t wait to hear/see it! :D

      The way I understand it, those Deerhorns are basically multi-tonal, multi-antenna theremins, which can individually use inputs like tape loops as voices. So radio waves, rather than light sensors, I think.

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