Mail Call: Here’s all that Christmas mail!

Lucas’ Polaroid: A naked Kolibri, a mini-Nagra, a Hasselblad and a Bonsai tree: Currently in the eyeholes: John Carpenter‘s “In the Mouth of Madness” Mini-Review: part of the Apocalypse Trilogy that also includes “Prince of Darkness” and “The Thing“. I really dig PoD because it’s a thought-provoking Sci-Fi Horror Comedy, sort of, and “The Thing” just plain RULES. ItMoM is disjointed Lovecraftish dystopia, mostly. Maybe I just don’t get what’s so scary about void monsters – they’re slow and not especially bullet-resistant. Four stars out of Ten, I’d say. Maybe it’ll grow on me later – Sam Neill is pretty good at going crazy, but where can you go when the Protagonist has no Agency? Oh hey, Typewriter Sighting! An old Underwood No. 5 in Sutter Cane‘s Eldrich Horror office. Amusingly, the typescript that comes off the machine is clearly laser-printed.

Updated: March 6, 2024 — 10:08 am


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  1. Send me an address you like to get mail..I made a Christmas typewewriter and a poor photo of it into a Christmas card that I type a message in green and red :)…it won’t go out till the 2nd week of the New Year as I am away from home. Thx 😊

    1. But I’ve already got Christmas Mail that is late! :D

  2. So disappointing when photographers and filmmakers cut corners and slap a laser-printed page into a typewriter. How dumb do they think we are??

    Happy new year.

  3. I just remember chortling (quite evilly) over each and every Lovecraft nod in the film. And the rather blatant “Quartermass” reference. I really need to find all my old Lovecraft collections! (My first H.P. experience was reading “The Lurking Fear” as a kid, alone in the house at night. My luck, a full-tilt, “Old-Testament-Wrath-of” thunderstorm came up, right when I was getting to the part in the story where an “Old-Testament-Wrath-of” storm brings the eponymous horror out…. *That* does an overly imaginative kid’s nerves a whole world of frazzling…)

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