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  1. I like the J-card artwork!

  2. Love that J card! Some of my extremely experimental music was “released” on cassette with a custom O card (often used for cassette singles) printed on fancy metallic cardstock. The O card was better than the “music”. Yet, an excerpt of one of the two longform tracks made it onto a podcast. Those Marantz decks are like the holy grails of the tape recorder world.

    After receiving a “free” episode of the correspondence series, I’ll be making a point of it to send out a letter to you tomorrow. And my gears are spinning hard about making a return to some form of TCL in March. I miss my friends!

    1. We Miss you too! (:

      Well, a letter, you say? What an excellent excuse to send you the PORTABLE PREACHER. :D

  3. Nice art on the new card.
    JVC’s PMD430 is one of those machines I’ve always wanted, but never had: Stereo.

    1. Yeah, it’s super-cool (:

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