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  1. Thankfully, in spite of a few 90+ days, things have been largely mild here in Vegas. Of course, once the hot weather stops in earnest, it’ll be non-stop AC and hiding indoors, even at night.

    On the other hand, due to the aridity we don’t really have to deal with insects much. So that’s nice.

  2. I think a little heat would be alright up here in the Northwest. It was 37 degrees and raining sideways this morning. Awesome.

    That SM-9 is a beauty.

  3. Yeah, I’m starting to like the Olympia brand a lot more lately after using this SM 9 fairly often. Bill’s got a really sweet SM 4 down at MTE, which I tried out a couple of days ago. I think finding an SM 4 of my own just got a bit higher on my priority list. (:

  4. Yeah, they’re pretty neat. If I had to have just one typewriter it would be my SM-3 or an SM-9 (if something happened to the 3).

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