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  1. More amazing typefaces. Some of these must be extremely rare.


    1. I’m hoping next time I go, there’ll be more typeface catalogs, hopefully with full character sets. I imagine it would be possible to resurrect the typefaces as fonts if I can get hi-rez scans of a full character set.

      I do know that Bill’s got a ribbon size chart on his wall with exact ribbon sizes for a huge array of machine models. who knows what else will turn up from his file cabinets.. (:

      1. Hello again! Have you been able to access a Hi-Res scan of those Specimens?
        I would be very interested in turning some of these into functional fonts.

        Best regards,

  2. Unlike most of you, I put myself through college typing and transcribing throughout the 70’s. At one time I worked part-time for Equifax, the credit people. We used Olivetti Editor 4 office electrics (typebar). Our foreign office used Elite Correspondence Gothic type and we all wished we could’ve had it on our machines. I still love the style, which is supposed to be a typewriter adaptation of Optima. I know GP Technologies sold a Selectric type ball in 10-pitch matching it, called Contempo; you can still find it occasionally. Even though this style isn’t proportional, it’s still quite beautiful.

  3. Wow – great post! I am particularly interested in the very first one: Olivetti Bulletin 5 Pitch. Do you think it would be possible, that you could make me a highresolved scan of that one?

    Many thanks and keep up the nice posts!

  4. I am very fascinated with the Olivetti Bulletin and Giant Primer samples and was wondering if you, by now, have a scan of the complete set of characters?
    Or a scan where I could see the full sample.
    Is it possible that you put me in contact with the person who owns the book these scans are from?
    Thanks in advance and greetings from Berlin!

  5. I just cleaned a friend’s 1950s Lettera 22 and found that it has a typeface not on your list here. The major fun letter is the capital Q. It’s reminiscent of the Q in Esquire, but far narrower and more condensed, and with the under-the-line serifs less square. Is your catalog of fonts here complete? Is there anyplace where I could go for more info? Ths

  6. I love the Victoria typeface. I used to have an Olivetti typewriter that had it. Can’t anyone make free fonts for these typefaces?

  7. The Victoria and the Elite Correspondence Gothic are the most beautiful typestyles that Olivetti have in their catalogue. There was one typestyle that I saw when I was working for Olivetti and it was called Diploma. It was a distinctive bold typestyle and I have never saw it again although it was in Olivetti’s catalogue.

    1. I felt Georgia to be somewhat similar, but not enough. These days, I mostly use Baker Signet.

  8. Man, I wish there were more of these that would include the mark on the type slugs to make the determination of what you’ve got a given typewriter a bit easier.

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