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Backwoods Ozarks knuckledraggers toss typewriters!

Apparently they’ve been doing this for 21 years now. Video shows them destroying ugly plastic wedges, but what were they throwing off roofs in the first annual typewriter toss in the 90’s?

Also, to give you an idea of how ignorant the media actually is, listen to the last line in the video: “uh, someone told me that the last typewriter factory in the states closed down this month…”

Updated: April 29, 2011 — 8:13 am


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  1. Barbaric.

    When I created the Classic Typewriter Page back in the Pleistocene (1995), I added links to anything I could find about typewriters on the nascent Web. One of the sites was something called Dropsquad, which was a set of nerds in a dorm posting videos of objects being dropped down the dorm stairwell and smashing on impact. One of them was a Selectric. This was truly an intelligent use of the Internet.

  2. As much as I love mysteriously maintaining my anonymity and geographical location, that was my local station and I attend the same church as the station manager! My apologies to the entire typosphere, on behalf of myself and Monda (who is four hours South of here). We are not all inbred cretins.

    I am curious how you stumbled across this article, Ted. Usually, the only time Springfield makes the news, it’s because of something involving Bass Pro Shops or a goings-on in Branson. We’ve had heavy rain and flooding, this past week, but nothing uniquely news-worthy.

    And now, I’m going on Facebook to contact KOLR/KSFX about that news item… I must defend the honor the typosphere and my inky-fingered peeps.

    1. Ten after noon, and I hope I have set the record straight. It ain’t the New York Times, but I’m happy to do my little part for the ‘sphere.

    2. I google-news’d “Typewriters” to see what was new in the whole “Typewriters are dead” hoopla. I say give ’em hell, MT (:

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