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  1. I’m wanting to say it’s a late, late Brother. Does it say Nagoya, Japan anywhere? If it does it’s a Brother. Nakajimas had more squarish keys and rapid spacers were black.

    I do believe I know how to fix your shift problem. (IF it has segment shifting) There is a screw holding the shift basket, with a rubber washer. The washer is gone and the screw needs to be found, and turned up to equal the level it would be if the rubber was there. Both my Nakajimas had this problem and I saw a Brother with it too. Hope it helps. :)

    1. No city name anywhere that I can see. I’ll try out that fix, since it is a segment-shift machine. After typing a bit with it I conclude that despite its cheap construction, it’s actually a pretty descent typer and has a fairly nice action once I’d warmed up to it. I will probably pass this one on to the CTP if Magic Margin wants it.

  2. Nice luck there. I concur, it looks like a Bro to me too. I suspect the Bro you saw with this problem is the one I shipped to the classroom project…?

  3. Hi Ted. It’s a Brother Deluxe 1613. One sold on eBay in England for almost $60 late last year. Another sold on Trade Me in New Zealand a couple of months ago. Nice looking machine. Cheers.

  4. i just bought this from coworker who used it once. i can not figure out how to get it to type when i press the letters anyone know how? every thing in looks brand new and only thing missing is manual.

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