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  1. Whos is this Bryan chap. That’s a great looking H2K.

    1. That would be me, good sir. The Hermes 2000 is the crown jewel in my small collection.

    2. ahh, let’s see. I know he has a website because he showed it to me at the type-in, but all I can Google up is this: http://www.examiner.com/asian-american-issues-in-glendale/bryan-beach. Perhaps he might link us in the comments, since my google-fu is wanting?

      1. Funny, I haven’t done anything on that examiner page in forever. I’m surprised it’s still up. I have a blog that I maintain sporadically.

  2. Uuuum…. Pardon the rogue ‘S’ in the previous comment.

  3. Very nice. I remember Bryan and that 2000 from my first visit, meeting at Bill Wahl’s and moving on to the chinese restaurant. I had forgotten the distincive typeface however.

  4. I’ve never tried typing on a Hermes 2000. Any difference from the 3000 in terms of touch?
    Seems like Bryan has been a regular in Phoenix type-ins, I remember seeing him in pics a couple of times. Rather odd that he is not in the Typosphere, don’t you think? ( :

    1. By “being in the Typosphere” do you mean the list of blogs on the Welcome to the Typosphere page? I’ve tried getting on there, but I can’t seem to find the where and how of getting my blog on that growing list.

      1. Ask and ye shall receive! You are hereby nominated for inclusion (:

    2. The H2000 has the buttery feel of the H3000, but I think it’s slightly snappier and faster-feeling. The main difference, though, is the heavy carriage shift on the H2k that isn’t present on the H3k. I actually like the H2k better, but the H2k mechanism tends to skip badly in the QWASZX side of the keyboard with my typing style. It was frustrating enough that I eventually *gave away* my H2k after almost a year and quite a surprising amount of money spent trying to make it work right for me. ):

  5. The labeling of the Royal Tap-O-Matic just made me smile. Mercy!

    1. Well, “Tab-O-Matic” – because it has a tabulator. (:

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