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A man of the cloth and the steel he wields


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  1. Excellent! This will serve as a great fixed resource for future typewriter enthusiasts and historians.

  2. Ah-hah! Just what I was looking for last night.

  3. This is a great reference. I know if I ever get a Selectric I will be visiting this post often.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. This reference works for all the Selectrics, 88 character machines (Selectric 1/2/Composer) and 96 characters (Selectric III). (:

  4. Ted, I just obtained a GP Typing Element Handbook that is dated 11/82. At the bottom of the front cover it says “DSG is now GP Technologies, Inc.”

    So DSG was the predecessor of GP.

    1. Interesting. That must have just happened in oct/nov of ’82 then, because this catalog is also dated 1982 :D

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