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  1. Now – glue some old small chrome-body lens or a lens filter to the ribbon cover and your Artoo ThreeTwo will be complete… (sorry – five just won’t cut it there :) ).

  2. Interesting colour scheme. I can’t say I dislike it, and I bet it looks much better in person. .

  3. Nice work. I never thought about the Lettera 32 fitting a different body.
    Now for a matchinc color platen

    1. It was born of necessity, but I enjoy the result. The L32 was damaged in transit from ebay seller, and the mount points for the shell were busted off. I lived with that until Tori found a $5 L35 at a Goodwill. I’m pretty sure just about any of the lettera 32 pattern Olivettis use a common frame and mounts after 1964, so I expect you could probably fit a nice-typing L32 engine into a Valentine shell, for instance.

  4. Looking great! :D
    Ohhhh, time to scour the internets for decals :D

  5. Subtle it aint! But I like it. The shape of the 35’s shell is great. Funny, at the start of this year I was an Olivetti virgin (not counting the old Linea 88 which lives under the spare bed). What’s all the fuss about? Then Anabel brought home a charity sale Lettera 32 for £5 and I was hooked. Two Studio 44s, a Lexikon 80 and a Graphika later, NOW I know what the fuss is about. Luckily, none have been so broken that they have taken longer than a day to fix and the hunt is still on for a reasonably priced Lettera 22. I’m even toying with the idea of a Diaspron – sort of a Lexikon 80 given the Kryten treatment.

    1. yep, the Olivettis are pretty unique in terms of design and touch. I really wish I had better luck with finding good ones, but this one is coming along nicely.

      Ooh, a Kryten/Box chromed Diapron would be sharp-looking! (hlur)

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