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A man of the cloth and the steel he wields


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  1. My deepest sympathies. I too will drink a toast to your father. God bless.

  2. Ted, you have our condolences. Your Dad sounded like an exceptional fella’. Take care!

  3. Please accept my condolences as well

  4. So sorry to hear, Ted. Beautiful post, and you have some important reminders with you of who he was to you, what he taught you, what he meant to you, and what part of him lives on in you.
    Take care, treat yourself kindly and treasure the memories.

  5. Ted, this is a very moving post. My sincerest condolences.

  6. A wonderful eulogy, Ted, and it is clear that he earned it. My sympathies—and encouragement.

  7. I’m sorry to hear this news, Ted. My sincere sympathies to you.

  8. Truly sorry for your loss, Ted. Grace to you and your family at this time.

  9. Deepest sympathy from Mrs. M and myself. It is very sad to hear of your dad and no words can express the grief of such a loss.

  10. Sorry for your loss, Ted. All the best.

  11. My condolences, Ted. Let me know if you need an ear to bend or a hand with anything. *Raises a glass of single-malt to Ted’s dad*

  12. Dear Ted, my condolences.

  13. Yes, indeed, you have my sympathy and condolences. Reading this brings a tear to my eye. You see, I never knew my paternal grandfather, but I have his tool chest. To anyone else, maybe it’s just an old piece of wooden furniture, full of obsolete gadgets. To me, it is my history, filled with tools from a time when craftsmanship meant something.

    May your time in the print room fill your soul with joy and pleasant memory.

  14. My sympathies. I too have lost my Father and remember him when I use things that he passed on to me. Sweet memories.

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