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  1. Sweetness. I wonder if it brings a smile to the junk mail toting civil servants?

  2. It’s great that it makes it through from sender to recipient. The USPS is good at damaging well packaged items and the Typospigeon survives unscathed. I guess the USPS no longer hand cancels stamps as I notice yours were not cancelled either.

    The Poltburo. I love it. I wonder will it get its own zip code.

      1. yeah, I mis-spelled it too :D

  3. I just hope it is not birdflu that the bird is carrying ;)

  4. That’s a fun surprise for you. Can’t wait to see where it’ll turn up next!

  5. When the Typospigeon fluttered out my window, I prayed to St. Vincent De Paul that she would arrive safely at the Press Room … and she did!

    Looking forward to seeing her next adventure.

  6. Ha ha ha ha ha. Oh, too fun.

  7. Now this is becoming a very fun and interesting exercise in analog communications at its best! I love the typospigeon and how it’s taking the concept of “tweeting” to a whole new, analogue level. XD It’s great!

  8. This is great fun! So glad the pigeon made its way safely to Arizona. I have to think that the pigeon has to bring a smile to the USPS workers.

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