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Thrift Gods Deliver Instant Karma: 1986 Canon Typestar 4 Typewriter

Amazing. A week and a day ago I mailed off my Sharp PA-1050 to C. A. Bennett (because she was having hella bad luck getting a working Thermal Mini-Wedge, and everyone should enjoy a Mini-Wedge!), and yesterday it showed up over there safely. A curious writer satisfied, and me now with a free slot on the shelf to fill up with a TypeStar. I’ve not seen any of those sweet little Canons in like 2 years, but I had faith that the Good Karma would prod the Thrift Gods into quick action, and I was not wrong…

well, at $17.99 maybe a bit more than I’d normally slap down on a Mini-Wedgie, but what the heck, I’m in a receptive mood…

yeah, really love these cases, plenty of room for a small stack of precious A4 Thermal Paper and the user manual.

Oh, I guess the carrying case was optional.

Canon Typestar 4 Typewriter User’s Manual (1986)

Updated: November 7, 2017 — 9:13 pm


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  1. Soooooo cool!!! I’m telling ya, it’s amazing what can happen for you when you’re a nice person, and you are definitely a nice person! Thanks again, and I’m so glad you got to get the new toy you were hoping for!! Blessing abound!! :-)

  2. Wonderful, Ted! As you know I have/love a number of Japanese siblings of the Typestar series. I also bought a Typestar 6 for the optional case which none of mine have. Sally it doesn’t fit, and I deduced that the body of mine matches the 7 but not the 6. Now I see that your 4 also appears to have the same body as my CanoWord PEN24 and 24Es. One day I’ll figure it out and find one. :-) Great score and nice karma story!

  3. That’s a great find, Ted! I had a love/hate relationship with a Typestar back in my college days. I couldn’t wait to give it the boot when Dad offered me his old 286 and a printer. Now I kinda wish I would have kept it. Enjoy your new thermo-fantastic friend!

  4. Congratulations on the neat find. I’ve not seen many thermal wedges. I shy away from thermal due to the special paper needed as well as the longevity of the imprint. Although the few I have seen I really liked the quiet. Maybe I need to give one a try.

  5. Awesome Ted! A day after I packaged up a Corona flattop to Preston English and Richard Mohlman I found a Maroon one. A maroon Corona Flattop Silentjust waiting to come into my world, suddenly freed to be mine. Blessings cannot flow into a closed hand – I believe there is really something to this!

  6. Hi! I recently got one of these. Could you tell me what ink ribbon it uses? Is it the IR-50? Thanks!

    1. yep, IR-50 II, I think. no point in bothering though – they’re made of unobtanium. Just use thermal paper like fax rolls. (:

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