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  1. Now I want to see what an interrobang looks like on all of my typewriters…

  2. I’ve been looking for a Remington with an interrobang ever since I got the book Shady Characters a few years ago. I also make my own just like I do the slashed 0 since I do not have a typewriter with either (yet).

  3. I’m gonna type all the punctuation marks I know! (“Parks & Rec” reference)

  4. Why didn’t I know about the Interrobang?!

    Why can’t I write an Interrabang in this comment field?!

    Why (on Windows 7 the entry for an Interrabang is: [(alt) + 8253], and the Unicode number is [203D (hex)]) is it so difficult to use an Interrabang on a computer?!

    Why does this only work with certain TruType Fonts such as: Calibri, Cambria, & Palatino Linotype?!

    Why do I love that I can create an Interrabang on a my Oliver typewriter as easily as an exclamation point?!

    Don’t you think that I have banally used the Interrabang?!

    1. See‽ I already screwed up remembering the alt code. therefore it’s up to us typists to carry the torch!

      1. Copy & Paste‽ …clever‽

  5. The perfect character to follow wtf‽

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