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  1. What’s that TWDB website you’ve got a shot of at the end of the post? That’s nothing like the Typewriter Database when I visit it!

    1. It’s the upcoming Epsilon version (:

  2. I like the look of this typecast, very readable. Looking forward to the new TWDB. So, what did you think of typing this on Ghost Chocolate?

    1. Was quite pleasant. I’m still not at the point where words pour out of me when at this machine, but I think I can get there. (:

  3. Nice typeface. First time I’ve heard of the paper.
    Nice work on the next version of the Typewriter Database.

  4. Love the action photo, and looking forward to Epsilon.

    Hey, are your songs online somewhere?

    1. ooh, this is where the practice of hitting the root URL is informative:
      http://munk.org is where I have my Resume Vitae, so if you want the whole screetchy buffet just follow the links after “Back in ancient days, I was a rock star…” third paragraph down.

  5. I like the preview of Epsilon, especially the “Find Date by Serial Number” which I assume is/was a bear to implement – so many gotchas in serial numbering.

    1. Hmmn, that seems to be a miscommunication; it’s the same old manufacturer drop-down.. I was hoping to cut back on the extra verbiage, but that apparently confuses the purpose of the drop-down. ):

  6. Oooh! Oops – now that I look at it more closely, I see it’s a drop-down and not a text field for entering a serial number. Someday, maybe!

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