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  1. Awe.


    Want the t-shirt.

    1. Excellent! – I like the detail on the typewriter, how have you got that in?

      1. Let’s see, the steps I took were:
        1) cut out background with polygonal lasso
        2) adjusted levels to enhance details and make everything lighter (this was important in order for the typewriter keys to show, as the Aristocrat is rather a dark machine)
        3) cut the typewriter carriage off and re-paste it in a more centered position
        4) “Desaturate” to remove all color
        5) “Threshold” to remove grey shades and render to B&W
        6) apply black stroke to entire cutout
        7) apply fun-colored radial rays eminating from behind typewriter
        8) apply tilted red box to suggest forward movement, stroke that the same purple as the rays
        9) apply text, stroke with black.
        10) output as 32-color non-dithered GIF, for extra poppy color.

  2. How do you think it work in bronze? About 15 high on plinth in the style of a stack of paper?

    1. heh, 15 (?) high? I would imagine a 15 meter high statue of Typewrunner in his classic pose would be most inspiring, but that’d take mucho dinero worth of bronze to cast. (:

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