Yard Sailin’ & Thriftin’ Report: April 2, 2011

1962 Smith Corona (SCM) Galaxie

UPDATE: Called the guy and offered $5, and he decided that it was a collector’s item and wouldn’t leggo of it. Ahh, well.

1966(?) Smith Corona (SCM) Classic 12 Wide Carriage

Smith Corona Day at the corral!

Man, my phone takes lousy pictures, but since the girl has the camera today, it’s the best I can do. I actually had better pictures, but the cat kept wanting to type, and got in the way a lot…

The cat who kept sneaking up trying to get her 2 cents into my typecast...

It's all Tori's fault. She's the one that insisted on teaching the cat to type last week...

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  1. So I’m not the only one whose cat photobombs his typewriter pics.
    I’ve had the same kind of SCM days but you gotta take them when they go for a song.

  2. Yes, I always pick these SCM’s up at the thrift when they turn up. I always find appreciative new owners for them.

    1. It’s actually odd that these have been the first 60’s SCM’s I’ve run across this past year of hunting. I kind of expected them to be everywhere for the cherrypicking from my experiences doing thrift store runs years ago. What’s even odder is this brand twinning that happens on the days I tend to score. Last time it was a pair of SM-9’s from different stores in one day, and now the pair of SCM’s from different places yesterday. I hope it means that I’ll be finding Hermes 3000’s in pairs in a few weeks. :D

  3. Whaaat? Boomer hated typing when I tried to teach her!

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