Public Typecasting on the Olivetti Lettera 35l

Turns out, this thing *is* metal-bodied. Sort of a cast aluminum alloy like the Lettera 32 I have. Much sturdier than the body of the L32, and quite nicely-shaped for gripping with the hand and tucking under your arm.

Olivetti Lettera 35l

Type sample from Olivetti Lettera 35l, Pica 10cpi.

Steady rain and constant overcast is keeping the temperature nice and chilly.

Updated: October 25, 2018 — 11:00 pm


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  1. Very Space Age. Sounds like you got a nice response from the crowd.

  2. Year before last I spent every single lunch break during NaNo at a food court near my office, hacking away on whatever typewriter struck my fancy as I was leaving the house. I did receive some strange glances, but the time when folks felt safe enough to approach and ask questions was not when I was using my intimidating German SM-9, but rather my understated little Lettera 32. There is just something about the Olivetti design that draws the eye and seems, well, friendly.

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